About Shipping Costs

Shipping costs, and more specifically, paying for shipping is a pain and also happens to be the most disliked thing about Internet shopping. We try and manage our costs as much as possible and have managed to find a compromise with regard to shipping costs, namely, you pay one (1) shipping cost regardless of how much you buy.

Our boxes are heavy, and they should be as they are made from old-growth hardwoods. This will help your box last much longer than you may think, however, they are heavy. Heavy is expensive in the shipping world.

Having spent countless hours hand-crafting your product, we want to make sure it gets to you in one piece, without any damage. Given this sentiment, we obviously over-pack your product, which it turn, leads us to use bigger boxes. Bigger boxes equal higher shipping costs.

The fact is that even though we’ve secured slightly reduced rates from the Post Office, we usually end up losing a few bucks per order, sometimes more. We’re not complaining, we appreciate your business, but here’s an interesting factoid:, we spent over $140.00 in the last month in shipping costs (postage, boxes and packaging) for our orders and only collected about $90.00 – not really all that smart of us, but then again, we’ve never claimed to be geniuses, just craftsmen.

So, while it may seem that you’re adding a lot to your order (and you are) keep in mind you only pay ONE Shipping charge (always the highest amount); if you have 3 items in your cart, you only pay for 1 item of shipping. That’s just our way of thanking you for being a valued customer.