Sycamore Custom Works

Occasionally, we get a request for something 'almost' like what we build, but the client wants their own customization. We're a wood shop first and foremost, if you have an interesting idea, and can talk us into it, and are willing to pay a premium for a unique, 'one-of-a-kind' piece of hand-crafted wood-art, then sure, we'll build it. More than that, we'll feature it here to give other folks an idea of what we can do and what the shooting community's creativity can conjure up.

On the other hand, if we really love your idea, we might just add it to our line up of innovative, crafted wood products.


Store-Flat Custom Bench Rest Sticks

Our client loved the Accu-Glide concept as well as the Bench Rest Edition. They also travelled extensively throughout North America competing and, as with all RV's, space was at an absolute premium. Our solution (with a lot of input from our client) was to fashion a set of Bench Rest sticks that would fold onto themselves and store flat (under 4" high). To achieve this and still maintain a stable base, we modified the base to 24" wide and doubled the depth to 12". While the width is of no consequence for 22BPCRA, the depth makes it illegal for NRA or 22BPCRA use, which was of no concern. Thank you Les, we enjoyed collaborating with you on this project - shoot well!

Materials: Spalted Maple base; Maple stringers; Walnut Sticks.
Finish: Hand-rubbed oil finish to protect the wood but still show off the wood.