In Stock Products Available for Immediate Delivery

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the exception of those products listed below, we are making & shipping anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on the item ordered.

We built this page in response to numerous requests we were getting from 'spouses' who were looking for a last-minute gift and also for those folks that just have to have it now. At Sycamore Stations, we build things one-at-a-time. Sometimes we feel like building boxes, other times, sticks. Of course, normal business sense would dictate that we carry an ample 'stock' of all our products to ensure rapid delivery; well, we're just not that smart, or maybe don't want to work that hard, or maybe we just want to keep prices as reasonable as possible while offering true-value to our fellow shooter.

Having said all this, we do actually pre-build quite a few products. Those that are built and ready-to-ship, are listed below. Most other products require about a week to build properly (some boxes require just a bit more time than that). This page is a 'real-time' product page meaning that it lists only in-stock items with no back-orders. If it says available, it is and if you pay for it online, it will go out the next business day, USPS Priority Mail.

Hope you find what you're looking for and remember to check back often as we'll try and update this page on a timely basis.