Black Powder Wiping/Cleaning Rods

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Hand-turned in Kentucky, these wiping/cleaning rods are designed for the shooter who wants to run a patch easily down the barrel between shots. These highly flexible Delrin Wiping/Cleaning Rods will clear any rear sight and feature an integrated, caliber-specific jag with unique ‘O-rings’ to help squeeze out any extra moisture. They are design for a snug fit with a 2″ patch and the trailing o-rings will actually help push the patch remnants into the groves providing a cleaner bore. Nicely finished with a custom-turned hardwood handle.


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Black Powder Wiping | Cleaning Rods

Out of respect to the late, great Steve Rhoades, (and because we couldn’t buy these anymore); we decided to start manufacturing these Black Powder Wiping/Cleaning Rods, one at a time, hand-turned on a lathe. Of course, being who we are, we also decided to extend the caliber-specific jag a little longer, and that gave us enough room to insert a couple of ‘O-rings’ to help squeeze out any left-over moisture from our cleaning patches.  We also decided that about 48″ was just right, that should give you plenty of room to push things through and not ‘ding’ your hands/knuckles on your gun or worse, your sight package.

About the O-Rings:
We’ve received interesting feedback on the addition of the O-rings to our rods; some folks think it’s just the best thing for their rifle since sliced bread, others feel the rings get their rifles ‘too clean’ (how is that even possible?); and others just don’t like the rings at all. Obviously we think that we’re on to something but we also get that everyone has their own preferences. We shape and ship all of our rods with 2 o-rings installed; if you don’t want them, simply remove them by ‘rolling’ them off the rod; or you could try removing one and seeing if the rifle likes that. All this to say that there is no one set way to do things, try our way, try your way, try a modified version of both ways, your rifle will tell you what it likes best. Just keep in mind that they are designed to work with Arsenal Patches; we’ve experimented with other patches, but if you are planing on using these rods as a wiping rod on line line, Arsenal patches seem to work best.

Given that we’re a wood shop and we always have extra wood lying around, we decided to also turn the handles, that means that no two will ever be alike and the only real question you may have is . . .  what wood will you end up with?

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 48 × 2 × 2 in
Cleaning Rod Size

40-65, 45-70

1 review for Black Powder Wiping/Cleaning Rods

  1. Ian45662

    Rod works great!! Shot a 200 yard 10 shot group and the fowling control was very consistent. Group was right around the MOA mark. The O rings seem to help get the patches into the nooks and crannies of the rifling itself. For me it seemed to do best with the armory patches which is awesome because they are inexpensive

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