Boolit Case Drying Rack


The Boolit Case Drying Rack is exactly what the name says – a simple open box with an integrated drying rack that will hold over 150 cases. If you need or want a larger rack, well, we’ve got one designed that will hold over 400 of your favorite friends.

Each Case Drying Rack is hand made and features:

  • A removable drying rack
  • Easily handles 40-65; 45-70; 45-90; or even 45-110
  • This design will hold smaller cases, just not as snug (but they will get dry!)
  • Regular size holds over 150 cases
  • Jumbo size holds about 400 + (we gave up counting those little squares)
  • Integrated blind dovetails, this box is built to last
  • 3/4″ seasoned hardwoods (Sycamore, Walnut, Cherry & Spalted Maple)
  • All treated with a hand-rubbed Natural Oil finish to show off the wood’s natural beauty
  • Hand made in Kentucky


The Story Behind Boolit Case Drying Racks

If you’re like us, you probably de-prime your cases at the range and place them in a soapy-type solution for the ride home. Once you get there, you probably rinse and then place your cases  in a wet media tumbler for a good cleaning, inside & out. Then what? You’ve gone to all this trouble to get your cases all clean and shiny; so how do you get these pretty bad boys dry? And more importantly, how do you dry those pretty cases and avoid those ugly water stains?

We tried a few different methods and finally came up with this simple, yet attractive addition to any loading room. Simply place a small towel on your counter, place the Case Drying Rack on top of the towel and ‘drop’ a case in each slot. The slots hold the cases in a vertical position and gravity takes care of the rest. Simple & elegant (not bad looking either).

Important Usage Note: When you receive your Case Drying Rack, the first thing you’ll note is that the internal rack support is ‘off-center‘. This is not a mistake, depending on the size of your cases, you will need to flip the rack upside down and place the rack in the higher or lower position. This design allows you to use anything from 40-65 all the way up to 45-110! Depending on how much case you want sticking out of the top of the rack will determine which position the rack is placed. Brilliant, different heights integrated into one design!

We had a bit of fun designing this product: It’s completely held together with joints and friction – no glue, no nails, no joke. We think that taking a few extra minutes to properly build a perfect wood joint is worth the extra trouble. When we’re done, we simply give our drying racks a nice hand-rubbed oil finish and they’re ready to go into service.

Additional information

Case Rack Size

Regular (150 cases), Jumbo (400+Cases)


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